Home Elements May Make a House Worth the Wait


Parking a car in the garage is one feature that some people cannot live without. Garages protect both people and vehicles from the elements. The vehicle’s paint is protected from intense heat, driving wind, sleet, hailstorms, pouring rain and the occasional snow. If a car needs special care, the garage is an ideal place to keep it. Garages also provide a place to work on vehicle restoration, repair and maintenance. For some, this is a haven of highest importance; for others, it is not an issue at all and may even be considered and extravagance.

For some, a fireplace is a necessity. It represents comfort and a cozy gathering place in the house or condominium. A little hard to come by, it may greatly reduce the number of houses in the availability pool for potential homebuyers. Once found, however, it can make a nice home the ideal one. Those interested in buying a house with a fireplace should have it carefully inspected before closing to make sure it is structurally sound. If it has been some time since it was used, a chimney sweep’s services might be a wise investment before it first use.

The bathroom is one room in an Austin home that is seldom discussed in polite public conversation, but can be the topic of heated debate behind closed doors. If there are more than two people in the home, more than one bathroom is needed. A half-bath may solve some problems, but potential homebuyers should take realistic stock of the minimum number of baths needed in the home. Anything without the bare minimum should not be considered unless there is a very large space with water hookups that could be easily converted. This may infringe on the budget, however, unless the potential buyers have the means to do it themselves house value.

Basements in Austin are very rare. Finding one is difficult, and those homes that do have them may experience moisture problems. Rather than limiting home choices to those with a basement, the possibility of a third story is more realistic. House hunters should consult their Austin real estate agent for tips on neighborhoods where homes with these special amenities can be found. Buyers with plenty of time on their hands may find them worth the wait.