Modern Hair Transplants Have Advanced Significantly


Hair replacement techniques have come a long way from the days when results weren’t certain and significant pain was felt after the procedure. Techniques were also not as refined but today. If procedures are done by an expert in the field, the modern hair transplant can produce excellent results. Instead of a type of large punch technique for adding hair grafts, a common transplant is completed by using a method called Follicular Unit Transplantation.

The result is an extremely natural appearance to the hairline and hair. So what exactly is a hair transplant, especially the modern ones used today? They are basically a way of dealing with specific types of baldness, primarily in men, and possible transplant candidates are screened carefully. If they have enough hair to take from one part of their head and place on a balding area, they can keep baldness from spreading in the desired areas Hair Transplant Seattle .

Success is not guaranteed but the newest techniques often leave clients feeling very satisfied. Very tiny incisions are made on the head, unlike the large ones used in the past. These incisions mimic the size of actual hair follicles, allowing transplant specialists to create better and more realistic hair than ever before. The hair that is transplanted comes directly from the client’s head. This is why there is no rejection process or reaction. It is best to seek a hair transplant before there are too many bald spots and while enough “donor hair”; remains on the head. After consulting with a hair transplant specialist, patients should have realistic expectations .

If baldness runs in the family, a hair replacement surgery may be able to greatly slow this process. But there must be enough hair left on the head to make a transplant possible. It is best to get an early consultation before baldness becomes a major problem.The success of hair transplants depends not only on the amount of hair already lost but the person’s age, skin and hair condition and even the color of the hair. If hair is already grey or light colored, then the donor hair (also grey) may not cover the head as well as darker hair. But it will still look significantly better than a completely bald upper head, the most general type of baldness.

For those who worry about pain, modern hair transplants are generally done only with a local anesthetic and no pain should be felt. If extremely nervous, sedative can also be used but they are not usually necessary if enough reassurance is provided. Another superb way today’s hair transplants differ from those in the past is the number of treatments required. Most hair transplants today take only one session, although it can be a bit lengthy. Ten or twelve thousand hair follicles are gently put in place on the head.

Post-surgical pain is usually minimal or not there at all, although itching is common. This does not bother most clients. Within a few days, they are back at work and following their usual routines. One surprise that occurs after a hair transplant is temporary shedding of the new hair. This is perfectly normal and patients should be prepared for this.

Eventually, new hair will grow into those spots. Once the hair grows in, the before and after results may be astounding. Men with significant baldness may actually appear to have a lustrous head full of thick hair. Again, results can vary but this is entirely possible due to the advances made in modern hair transplants.

Hair transplants are actually rather straightforward procedures now and a hair transplant in Toronto offers numerous options for shoppers amongst many professionals too. David Delaney is a 50 Plus Toronto resident and explores the entertainment, health, home, and city issues as they pertain to mature adults.

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