Tips for wheelchair users Planning a trip to the NFL football game


Going to the NFL football game is exciting and adventurous when you are in a wheelchair. But how do you do it? If you love football, there is nothing better than seeing your favorite team at home. Being in a wheelchair represents obstacles and advantages. This is my experience in FedEx, but some stadiums have different policies.

First of all, you need NFL football game tickets of your choice. How do you get a wheelchair space in an NFL football game? Searching for mobile seat tickets does not bring any results. There are seats that can be assessed on the playground, but when you look at online ticket sellers, there are no tickets for the disabled or wheelchairs for sale. They just do not sell it. The fact is that NFL regular football game tickets are replaced for wheelchairs in the stadium. These special seats come with space for a wheelchair and a regular seat next to it บ้านผลบอล.

Generally these seats are in the front of the section. This is a real bonus. You will get a clear view of the game without anyone in front of you directly or behind you. Even with a ticket, you get fantastic seats. You can replace two tickets for these seats or one wheelchair ticket if you go to the game alone. Also because you are exchanging tickets, you can get a better deal on tickets. You can buy the cheapest tickets that you can find in the section of your choice. It does not matter if the front row, the back row or the aisle, you will exchange it anyway.

Great. Now you have tickets, but how do you reach the pitch? Parking is huge. See the team’s website. There must be a stadium outline and a parking plan. Find a lot of barriers to their assessment. These will have shuttles with lifts to take you directly to the stadium. This is another bonus, not a long walk from the parking lot.

Above all, make your trip and NFL football game an event. Consider going to the back door team sponsored by the team. You have to be early anyway to get good parking and exchange tickets, so you may also enjoy the food. There are other things to do during the back door party such as interviewing some fans and former players. Of course you may also want to visit the team store.

The key to going to the NFL football game is planning. There are additional things to consider when you are in a wheelchair. Arrived early. Good parking. NFL football game tickets are exchanged on a first come first serve basis. Exchange early to ensure yourself seats. Enjoy the game of football!

Janet Nicole wrote about obstacles and solutions to the problems people face in a wheelchair. Derived from personal experiences and experiences of people you meet. Janet’s goal is to make life easier, more exciting and more fun for people in wheelchairs. Being part of the mainstream in the community by traveling, shopping, working, driving is everyone’s wish, Janet hopes to give people wheelchairs some tools to follow their dreams.

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